The Vista Ridge Community Center
2750 Vista Parkway
Erie, CO 80516
Phone: 303-926-7691
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Frequently Asked Vista Ridge Community Center  Facility Rental Questions

How many people will your facility accommodate?
Our Community Room can accommodate 48 people seated or 75 people standing room only. Our Board Room will accommodate 24 people seated, 30 people maximum. The building as a whole can accommodate 100 people total if both the Community Room and Board Room are rented together.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol?
Yes, you are allowed to bring your own alcohol as long as no one under the age of 21 is consuming it and you are not charging for it (i.e. no cash bar). 

Do I have to use approved caterers?
No, use the caterer that you wish. We do have references of caterers that have been used in the past. 

Do you provide linens?
No, we do not provide linens. We do have several contacts of linen and service-ware providers. 

Do you provide tables and chairs?
Yes, we do provide tables and chairs. We will even have them set up for you prior to your rental start time. 

What size are your tables?
The tables in the Community Room include eight 5-foot round tables and two 8-foot banquet tables. The Board Room includes six 4-foot square tables and a 4-foot credenza.

Do you have Audio/Visual Equipment?
Yes, we do have an LCD projector, screen, speaker, microphone and microphone stand available for an additional fee (deposit also required).

Is there staff on hand to assist with my rental?
Yes, we do have on site staff to assist you with planning your event and staff will be present during your rental to assist you with your rental needs. 

Do you rent out the VRCC Pool?
No, however all Vista Ridge Residents have access to the pool during their rental.  This is true for any Community Room, Board Room or Outdoor Pavilion Rental. 

Can Non-Vista Ridge Residents use the  VRCC Pool during their rentals?
No, non-Residents are unable to use to the VRCC Pool. 

Can I rent out the Skyline Pool Facility?
No, the Skyline Pool Facility is not available for any rentals. 

How big are the rooms? 
Community Room 47' x 29' and Board Room 29' x 18' 

What does my rental come with? 
Depends on the space, but, rooms only come with tables and chairs nothing else is provided (i.e. no cups, plates, dishes, etc).